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Apply to be an APC Intern!

APC internship is not your typical internship. 

It is not restricted to any major, it does not require any paper filing or supply stocking, and it does not require you to answer to a “boss” (nor getting coffee for this individual).  APC internship is a way to gain essential knowledge and skills in a non-traditional way.  Check it out:

What you’re looking for:

What those skills really mean in

APC internship!

Leadership and professional skills Taking what we learn and applying it to our everyday lives and post-grad goals.
Critical analysis and discussion skills Deconstructing Asian stereotypes.  What’s up with those anyways?
Confidence in public and group speaking Feeling comfortable and confident in speaking and being heard. That’s right, heard.
The ability to plan and lead workshops Creating a workshop, and being creative with it!  Having fun, and learning at the same time
Streamlining your personal and academic goals Taking what you’re passionate about and finding new passions to help drive your goals
Discovering your own identity and family history Asking your parents or grandparents about your family history and learning something new about yourself.
Knowledge of resources on and off campus Knowing where to go for a peer counselor or learning about community service opportunities
Networking within student orgs on campus Getting to know members of other student organizations on campus
Learn about different Asian and Pacific Islander (API) cultures Sharing the food and traditions we practice at home / attending a culture night together
A strong support system Getting to know each other through hangouts like dinner, random boba runs, bonding activities…etc!


And this is just skimming the surface of what APC internship is all about. Interested? Download APC Internship application here and email it to Rachel Lee,, APC’s Leadership Development Coordinator.