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Official Response to the Flyer Mailed to the Asian American Studies Center

UPDATED as of 2/13/14, 1:06pm PST

Thursday, February 6th, 2014


On Wednesday, February 5, 2014, students were alerted of an anonymous document sent to the UCLA Asian American Studies Center containing what can only be described as a collage of sexist slurs and racial epithets against various groups of the UCLA community. The document evokes the imagery from Fall Quarter 2012, when a sign stating “asian women R Honkie white-boy worshipping Whores” was posted outside the UCLA Vietnamese Student Union Office.

Although we would like to believe that an incident like this is “isolated,” as stated by UCLA spokesperson Steve Ritea, we know that these incidents have been recurring year after year.

In 2011, Alexandra Wallace’s viral video, “Asians in the Library,” illustrated the toxicity present at the UCLA campus. Incidents in 2012 such as Danny Chen’s Suicide, Professor Kieu-Linh Caroline Valverde’s appeal against denied tenure at UC Davis, the Asian Women R Bulletin Board vandalism at UCLA, and the release of Richard Sander Report continue to illustrate the hostile campus climate at UCLA. The publication of the Pew Research Report in 2013 perpetuated false stereotypes of the model minority myth — stereotypes that function to homogenize Asian Pacific Islanders and to ignore its diversity and the disparities that many groups experience. 2013 also included the release of the Moreno Report, which drew attention to the existence of faculty discrimination and the University’s lack of an adequate system to handle cases of racial bias, including an incident where female Asian faculty were told, “I thought Asian women were supposed to be submissive.” At a top-tier university that celebrates  and lauds its diversity, comments like these from faculty are unacceptable.

These events reveal a disturbing trend among not only UCLA staff, faculty, and students, but the larger community as a whole. Many incidents continue to reinforce the misguided perception that Asian Pacific Islanders have ‘achieved success’ in the United States; a model for other ‘less successful’ minorities to follow. When viewing the increased enrollment of Asian Pacific Islanders in the UC since 1994, it seems clear that Asian Pacific Islanders have successfully gained access to higher education. However, simple statistics fail to reveal the continued low enrollment of Southeast Asians while also failing to account for the decreased admission rates for Asian Pacific Islanders as a whole.

Popular reports, such as the aforementioned Pew Research Center study, portray only one narrative: that Asian Pacific Islanders are successful. While portrayals of success are not necessarily negative, they silence communities that do not fit the mold of the “successful” Asian Pacific Islander and invalidate their experience. For example, reports tend to conveniently leave out the fact that Asian Pacific Islanders are the fastest growing poverty population and that Southeast Asian and South Asian communities are subject to high racial profiling. By masking the struggles of Asian Pacific Islanders, mainstream media creates a racial hierarchy in which Asian Pacific Islanders are purportedly at the “top,” dividing communities of color away from organizing effectively with each other.

Every year, at least one discriminatory and racially biased incident occurs, and many more go unreported. To allow these attacks to remain unaddressed, whether they are intended to hurt or draw attention, is to tacitly endorse the marginalization of our community, to accept being painted as perpetual foreigners, and to allow for the exotification and objectification of women of color.

These racially biased incidents cannot continue.

Therefore, we call upon the President of the UC and the UCLA Chancellor to affirm their support for Asian Pacific Islander communities on campus. We demand culturally relevant and competent representation on all levels of faculty, staff, and administration; preservation and advancement of Ethnic Studies programs; and prioritization of programs and initiatives that support a truly inclusive campus.

We call upon other communities at UCLA and beyond to join us in solidarity in recognizing the ongoing challenges that students of color experience in higher education.


Asian Pacific Coalition at UCLA

Pacific Islands Students Association at UCLA

Samahang Pilipino at UCLA

Vietnamese Student Union at UCLA

The undersigned communities are in solidarity with us.

Afrikan Student Union at UCLA

American Indian Student Association at UCLA

Asian American and Pacific Islander Studies Undergraduate Association at UCLA

Asian American Resource Center (AARC) at Pomona College

Asian American Sponsor Program at Scripps College

Asian American Student Association at the University of Utah

Asian American Studies Graduate Student Association at UCLA

Asian Pacific American Student Assembly,  University of Southern California

Asian Pacific American Student Development, University of California, Berkeley

Asian Pacific American Students for Leadership (APASL), De Anza College

Asian Pacific Student Programs, University of California, Riverside

Asian Pacific Student Services, Loyola Marymount University

Asian Pacific American Student Alliance (APASA), New York University

Asian Pacific Islander Social Worker Association, California State University, East Bay

Asian Pacific Islander Political Alliance, University of California, Santa Barbara

ASUC Office of Senator Tan, University of California, Berkeley

Asian Pacific Student Association, University of California, Irvine

Association of Chinese Americans at UCLA

Black Bruin Transfer Success at UCLA

Black Pre-Law Association at UCLA

BRIDGE: Pilipin@ Outreach and Retention, University of California, Davis

bridges (Multicultural Resource Center), University of California, Berkeley

CalSERVE (Cal Students for Equal Rights and a Valid Education), University of California, Berkeley

Chi Rho Omicron, Zeta Chapter, University of California, Davis

Coalition for Critical Asian American Studies, University of California, San Diego

Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) Student Association, University of California, Berkeley

Engaging Education, University of California, Santa Barbara

hardboiled asian pacific american issues magazine, University of California, Berkeley

Intercollegiate Vietnamese Student Association

Kapatirang Pilipino, University of California, Santa Barbara

KAPWA, University of California Berkeley

Mid-Atlantic Union of Vietnamese Student Associations

Mga Kapatid, University of California, Davis

Movimiento Estudiantil Chicana/os de Aztlán, MEChA de UCLA

Muslim Students Association at UCLA

Nikkei Student Association at UCLA

Office of Senator Sevly Snguon, Associated Students of the University of California (ASUC), University of California, Berkeley

Pakistani Student Association at UCLA

Pilipino Academic Student Services, University of California, Berkeley

Pilipino Community Council, University of California, Berkeley

RAZA Recruitment & Retention Center, University of California, Berkeley

REACH! (Asian Pacific Islander Recruitment & Retention Center), University of California, Berkeley

Student Coalition for Asian Pacific Empowerment, University of Southern California

Scripps Communities of Resources and Empowerment (SCORE), Intern Team

Southeast Asians Furthering Education, University of California, Davis

Southeast Asian Student Coalition, University of California, Berkeley

Southwest Union of Vietnamese Student Associations

The Indian Student Union at UCLA

The Indigenous Student Alliance at the Claremont Colleges

The West Coast Asian Pacific Student Union

Union of North American Vietnamese Student Associations

Union of Vietnamese Student Associations of the Midwest

United Khmer Students at UCLA

United Vietnamese Student Associations of Northern California

Undergraduate Student Association Council Academic Affairs Commission at UCLA

Undergraduate Student Association Council Office of the President at UCLA

UAW 2865

Vietnamese Student Association, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona

Vietnamese Student Association, California State University, Fullerton

Vietnamese Student Association, California State University, Long Beach

Vietnamese Student Association, California State University, Northridge

Vietnamese Student Association, California State University, San Diego

Vietnamese Student Association, Florida State University

Vietnamese Student Association, Golden West College

Vietnamese Student Association, Orange Coast College

Vietnamese Student Association, University of California, Berkeley

Vietnamese Student Association, University of California, Davis

Vietnamese Student Association, University of California, Irvine

Vietnamese Student Association, University of California, Riverside

Vietnamese Student Association, University of California, San Diego

Vietnamese Student Association, University of California, Santa Barbara

Vietnamese Student Association, University of New Orleans

Vietnamese Student Association, University of Southern California


Official_AASC_PressRelease_UPDATED (1)

CAUTION: the following image, sent anonymously to the UCLA Asian American Studies Center, contains offensive language and imagery, that is specifically racist and misogynistic and racist.


The offending flyer mailed to the AASC at UCLA.the disturbing letter

Asian Pacific Coalition’s Official Stance on Janet Napolitano’s Promise to Undocumented Students

November 20, 2013


To Janet Napolitano, President of the University of California:

We, the Asian Pacific Coalition (APC) at University of California – Los Angeles, are a collective of twenty-four Asian American and Pacific Islander organizations. We are the official voice of the Asian American and Pacific Islander community on campus. Through our Principles of Unity, a code that our organization stands by, we stand for the right of underrepresented communities to access higher education. In particular, we are writing in support of the undocumented community and the recent decision to turn your pledged $5 million dedicated to loans and work-study programs to forms of financial aid for the undocumented community.

A decision to offer undocumented students more loans is troubling, as it ignores the struggles that they already face. For undocumented students, the pursuit of higher education is already a huge financial burden. Undocumented students are ineligible to receive many scholarships that require the applicant to have residential status and cannot receive federal loans. With the student loan debt at $1.2 trillion dollars, loans are problematic in themselves. Loans are especially hard to pay off for the undocumented community because of the complications of becoming eligible to apply for a job.

Of the 11 million undocumented people in the United States, roughly 1 million of them are Asian and Pacific Islanders (API). APIs are the fastest growing population in the United States today and represent the second-largest group of DREAMers. Our histories are grounded in the immigrant and refugee experience; where many of our ancestors have either escaped political persecution and wars in their home countries in the pursuit of freedom or were in search of better opportunities promised by the American Dream. Some have navigated the American Dream through higher education and as a members of the work force have contributed greatly to our economy. By offering loans instead of financial aid such as scholarships, you are currently denying the undocumented students the chance for higher education. As the Honorable John Conyers Jr., a Representative in Congress from the State of Michigan, and Chairman, Committee on the Judiciary, has stated, undocumented students “are the ones who first learn English. They are the ones who learn American history and culture from school and their friends. It is our history and culture that they think of as theirs. And they are the ones who help their parents navigate bureaucracies, health care, and jobs.”

We want you to fulfill the promise that you originally made. You stated in your first public address since becoming UC President on October 30th that undocumented students “are students who deserve the opportunity to succeed and to thrive at UC.” In recognizing the right to higher education for underrepresented communities, we are demanding that the University of California maintains its commitment as a public institution that strengthens the academic achievement of students in communities throughout California. As the Office of the President manages the University’s public mission, you are directly accountable for the commitments made to California’s communities.

We stand in solidarity not only with undocumented APIs, but all undocumented students across the University of California. We demand that you, Janet Napolitano, redirect the $5 million that you promised to dedicate to the undocumented community as scholarships to aid them in their pursuit of higher education. To them, America has been what they call home.


The Asian Pacific Coalition at UCLA


Official PDF version of Press Release

APC Staff Election Results

Director: Uyen Hoang

Assistant Director of External Affairs: Jazz Kiang

Leadership Development Coordinator: Daniel Nguyen

Academic Affairs Coordinator: Nicole Ngaosi

LGBTQ Programmer: Olivia Tran

Alumni Relations Coordinator: Tiffany Hamamoto

Community Outreach Coordinator: Jenny Chhea and Jimmy Nguyen

Social and Cultural Affairs Coordinator: Tony Tonnu

APIG Programmer: Alice Giang

Welcome, APC Staff 2013-2014!!

SEACLEAR is hiring for 2013-14 STAFF! Apply NOW!

Looking for experience in student leadership? Looking for a job? Check out SEA CLEAR, where both student leadership and professional work experiences are combined.
SEA CLEAR 2013-2014 Staff Applications have been extended!  Applications will be accepted from now until May 26th, 2013 at 9 PM.
*Note: Letter of Recommendation is now OPTIONAL.  Details below:
SEA CLEAR Project Staff Hiring
About SEA CLEAR: The retention project, Southeast Asian Campus Learning Education and Retention (SEA CLEAR), was founded in 1998 as a student-initiated, student-run effort established and supported by the Vietnamese Student Union at UCLA. SEA CLEAR, along with other student retention projects in the Student Retention Center, is committed to address the issue of student retention at UCLA through our holistic development philosophy. The project serves students from the Southeast Asian community, ranging from at-risk to dismissed students, from freshmen to transfers, to ensure that they are supported in their pursuits on-campus. We provide services such as peer counseling, mentorships, internships, study hall opportunities, writing success counseling, transfer support and other services to all students from diverse backgrounds. We promote self-sufficiency and leadership development through our resources, and we are truly excited for you to join our team. We are committed to 100 percent retention of all students at UCLA.
APPLICATION DUE: 9 PM, SUNDAY, May 26th, 2013; Work Study Available!
INTERVIEWS WILL BE HELD: Week 9 of Spring Quarter
Questions/Concerns? If you have any questions or concerns regarding the application or position, please contact Caresse Vuong, VSU Retention Coordinator, at or (858) 356-7190 or Layhannara Tep, Project Director, at In addition feel free to contact anyone on staff – our cubicle is located in SAC 105D.
Note: Positions are for the 2013-2014 academic year. There will be mandatory project staff training over summer. Employment begins July 1st, 2012

APC Staff Nominations for 2013-2014 Year are OUT!

The Asian Pacific Coalition 2013-2014 academic school year nominations are out.

Here are the nominees!

Uyen Hoang
Jeffrey Kho

Assistant Director of Internal Affairs:
Jesse Cao
Mark Rayos

Assistant Director of External Affairs:
Jazz Kiang
Justin Nguyen
Jessica Thach

Administrative Coordinator:
Heidi Lung
Huiying Tsang
Olivia Tran
Becky Tsang
Alice Tran

Fiscal Coordinator:
Tony Tonnu
Justin Nguyen

Leadership Development Coordinator:
Jessica Thach
Jesse Cao
Daniel Nguyen

Academic Affairs Coordinator:
Daniel Nguyen
Justin Nguyen
Nicole Nga

Womyn’s Programmer:
Heidi Lung
Jenifer Logia
Linda Ton

LGBTQ Programmer:
Olivia Tran
Tony Tonnu
Ben Kim
Hao Chang

Alumni Relations Coordinator:
Linda Ton
Jazz Kiang
Jimmy Nguyen
Tiffany Hamamoto

Community Outreach Coordinator:
Jimmy Nguyen
Jenny Chhea

Publicity and Outreach Coordinator:
Tony Tonnu

Social and Cultural Affairs Programmer:
Tony Tonnu
Alice Tran
Anh Nguyen

APIG Programmer:
Becky Tsang
Nahri Lee

The nominees have two weeks to accept. Their applications will be due Sunday, June 2, 2013, in electronic copy to the current Director.

Elections will be held Tuesday, June 4, at 7pm, in Bunche 3156.

Member organizations must be present to vote.