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Pilipino American History Month

Pilipino American History Month is coming up, and to celebrate it, here are a couple of events that you can (and should) go out to. All events are free!

Halu-Halong Karanasan (Mixed Experiences):  A Pilipino Film Festival
  • When: Oct 13 (7-10pm) and Oct 14 (7-9pm)
  • Where: Lenart Auditorium, Fowler Museum
  • What:  The first ever Pilipino Film Festival held on campus feature student films, Community PSA’s, documentaries, and feature films including critically acclaimed, The Debut, wherein UCLA alumni and faculty are a part of.  (Student Films relating to the Pilipino Culture are currently being accepted!)
Empowerment: An Exhibition of Pilipino American Strength
  • When: Oct 20 (6-9pm)
  • Where: Kerckhoff Art Gallery
  • What:  A 2-week art gallery showcasing the strengths of the Pilipin@/Pilipin@ American community
PAHM on the Hill: Living Museum
  • When: Either Oct 26 or Oct 27, (6-8pm)
  • Where: One of the De Neve rooms
  • What:  Prominent historical Pilipin@/Pilipin@ American figures coming to life on the Hill!  A night with the different Pilipino organizations on campus offering historical and cultural education.
Samahang Modern Performance
  • When: Oct 15, after 7pm
  • Where: Search to Involve Pilipino Americans (P-town)
  • What:  Samahang Modern will have a performance at P-town’s PAHM event.


Tuesday Night Cafe – LGBTQ Highlight Night


As part of Welcome Week, APC is rolling out to Tuesday Night Cafe in Little Tokyo! This Tuesday will be LGBTQ Highlight Night!

Please email APC Director Trung Nguyen ( if you’d like a ride.

On the face of it, Tuesday Night Project (TNP) hosts a free open mic event called the 1st & 3rd Tuesday Night Cafe in Little Tokyo, Spring through Fall – but since 1999 the people behind the project and the series have grown into an actual community fiercely devoted to creating venues where art and community connect. It is a community of artists, organizers, activists, professionals, independent business owners, educators and community members of different generations, a myriad of artistic disciplines and all walks of life.

Tuesday Night Project maintains a passionate, positive space with a focus on new work from Asian American/Pacific Islander communities and from the Greater Los Angeles area. TNP constantly introduces its audiences to new artists and organizations and the amazing work they do all over the city. While TNP offers modest stipends to some of its technical crew, they have kept the series alive and free to the public with sheer passion and the practice and belief that PEOPLE are each other’s greatest resource.

As an all-volunteer effort, TNP offers a space that goes well beyond a “showcase” and brings support that strengthens community and art. Expanding with every passing year, Tuesday Night Cafe now streams their events live and has had viewers from all over the world including Chicago, Seattle, and San Francisco…from Canada and the Philippines to Pakistan and Scotland.

With TN-On-Tour, Tuesday Night Project is beginning to make its way to colleges. TN-TV has featured artists in live-feeds to Downtown L.A. from places as far as New York, Toronto, and Qingdao, China. The series is now entering its 13th year as one of the longest-running free public arts series in Downtown Los Angeles and is excited to continue to grow and provide a space for the intersection of Art + Community.

TN Project’s purpose is to build space for people to connect through the artistic expression of the API and L.A. communities and to provide time for cultural, social, and political awareness with opportunities for involvement, collaboration, real relationship-building and action.

More information about this Tuesday:

Hosted by: Johneric Concordia

Resident DJ: DJ nPrevail

LGBTQ Highlight Night with:
Barangay –
Korean-Americans United for Equality –
Equal Action –
API Equality-LA –
LGBT(JA)Q Workshop

– Claudia Chen –
– Cynthia Wang –
– Yazmin Watkins –
– Mardhi and SKIM –
– Team Ferosha –

Featured Live Artist/Vendors:
Melissa Maldonado
Tiger Souvannakoumane –

Open Mic sign-ups at 6:45pm

Live broadcast begins at 7:30 PM at:


For more info:

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