About Us

Established in the fall of 1975, the Asian Pacific Coalition (APC) at the University of California, Los Angeles, is a coalition of 24 Asian and Pacific Islander (API) organizations who represent different geographic regions, languages, cultures, and generations that contribute to the diversity of the UCLA campus. APC serves as the representative voice of API students on campus, working with the Asian American Studies Center and DepartmentUSAC, and UCLA administration, as well as other non-API student communities on campus.

We work on many issues, including:

  • Access to Education
  • Immigration Issues
  • Labor Rights
  • API Media Portrayal
  • Lesbian, Gay, Transgender, Bisexual (LGBT) Issues
  • Hate Crimes

We also host many different exciting events, including:

  • Asian Pacific American Heritage Month (APAHM)
  • Asian Pacific Islander Graduation (APIG)
  • Fall into APC! General Meeting
  • Art Exhibits and Spoken Word/Poetry Performances
  • Film Screenings
  • API-wide social event
  • Co-programmed events with member organizations

Furthermore, we operate under the Principles of Unity, as outlined by our constitution [PDF]:

1. We promote unity and cooperative interaction among Asian Pacific and other UCLA students.
2. We further promote cooperative interaction among/with student groups.
3. Recognizing the oppressive conditions which Asian Pacific peoples have faced in America, we affirm the right to preserve the culture and history of our own people.
4. We uphold the democratic rights of women and minorities.
5. We support the positive and accurate portrayals of Asian Pacific peoples, women and minorities.
6. Recognizing that women and minorities have historically been denied full access to the educational system, we support their right to higher education.
7. We actively support and encourage student participation in the ongoing struggles and concerns of the Asian Pacific communities.