N(our)ishing Community Spotlight: Corky Lee

Picture courtesy of Asian American Journalists Association

Photo Courtesy of Asian American Journalists Association

For forty years, Corky Lee has been taking photos to bring light to commonly un-told Asian American experiences and struggles. His work has earned him the title of “Undisputed, Unofficial Asian American Photo Laureate.” Through the lens of his camera, this artist and activist chronicles and highlights real stories of struggle, heroism, oppression, and triumph of Asian Americans which are not often seen in mainstream media.

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N(our)ishing Community Spotlight: Chinatown Community for Equitable Development

Logo of Chinatown Community for Equitable Development

Chinatown Community for Equitable Development is a relatively up and coming organization of community leaders, business owners, and residents of Chinatown in Los Angeles. Their membership spans multiple generations of a wide range of ethnicities. Founded in May 2012, CCED’s formation was during the development of a new Wal-Mart in Chinatown, which threatened the survival of small businesses in the surrounding area and displaced many tenants who could not keep up with the skyrocketing rent due to the gentrification, or the shift toward wealthier residents and businesses thereby increasing the values of property in the area, that ensued.

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N(our)ishing Community Spotlight: an AAPI Heritage Month Series


Each and every one of us requires nourishment in order to survive. Nourishment can come in many different forms; from the food that we consume, from the support we receive from our friends and family, from the gratification of our accomplishments, and so on.

Likewise, to nourish our communities is to promote the growth of our communities, to furnish our communities with the resources necessary for change and empowerment through various different outlets. Thus, nourishment of our communities come in many different platforms. From providing in-language resources to ethnic communities to creating art pieces that break the silence on issues often overlooked, we all have different capacities and facilities that can nourish our communities in unique ways.

In celebration of the struggle and movement of Asian Americans, we will spotlight a few organizations and individuals who have nourished their respective communities in profound ways, who have built the foundations of change, who have sparked the fires of empowerment.

While the number of organizations and individuals we are able to spotlight for the rest of this month is minuscule compared to the countless number of people who sustain our communities on a day to day basis, we hope that, through our spotlighting articles, we will be able to recognize those who nourish our communities and which communities require nourishment.

On behalf of the Asian Pacific Coalition, we wish you all a happy Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month!