Letter to Washington R*dskins & NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell

To the NFL and Commissioner Roger Goodell:

We, the Asian Pacific Coalition (APC) at University of California – Los Angeles, are a collective of twenty-four Asian American and Pacific Islander organizations. We serve as the official voice of the Asian American and Pacific Islander community on campus. As representatives of historically misrepresented and oppressed groups ourselves, we express solidarity with the American Indian community in their protest against the use of offensive and stereotypical mascots and racial slurs.

The Asian Pacific Coalition has a close relationship with the American Indian Student Association at UCLA. The Asian American Studies Center and the American Indian Studies Center share a space in the same hall on the UCLA campus. As such, we recognize the histories of struggle that both our communities have faced. According to the Asian Pacific Coalition’s Principles of Unity, we support the positive and accurate portrayals of Asian Pacific peoples, women, and minorities. We recognize how important it is for marginalized people to have a voice in how they are portrayed. We strongly believe that the use of American Indian stereotypes and racial slurs as mascots and team names is highly offensive and disrespectful to the history of genocide and continued racism against American Indian peoples.

Therefore we are in solidarity with the Native American community and support the Eradicate Offensive Native Mascotry (EONM) in their demand for the Washington Redsk*ns football team to end the use of the racial slur “redskins” as their mascot and name. We are calling upon the NFL and Commissioner Roger Goodell to support the changing of the Washington Redsk*n’s name and mascot and to end the fan practice of redface in their NFL games. The continued usage of this or any racial slur against the repeated demands of the American Indian community is damaging, hurtful, and ultimately unacceptable.

The Asian Pacific Coalition at UCLA

 ATTACHED: Official Statement with Letterhead


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