SEACLEAR is hiring for 2013-14 STAFF! Apply NOW!

Looking for experience in student leadership? Looking for a job? Check out SEA CLEAR, where both student leadership and professional work experiences are combined.
SEA CLEAR 2013-2014 Staff Applications have been extended!  Applications will be accepted from now until May 26th, 2013 at 9 PM.
*Note: Letter of Recommendation is now OPTIONAL.  Details below:
SEA CLEAR Project Staff Hiring
About SEA CLEAR: The retention project, Southeast Asian Campus Learning Education and Retention (SEA CLEAR), was founded in 1998 as a student-initiated, student-run effort established and supported by the Vietnamese Student Union at UCLA. SEA CLEAR, along with other student retention projects in the Student Retention Center, is committed to address the issue of student retention at UCLA through our holistic development philosophy. The project serves students from the Southeast Asian community, ranging from at-risk to dismissed students, from freshmen to transfers, to ensure that they are supported in their pursuits on-campus. We provide services such as peer counseling, mentorships, internships, study hall opportunities, writing success counseling, transfer support and other services to all students from diverse backgrounds. We promote self-sufficiency and leadership development through our resources, and we are truly excited for you to join our team. We are committed to 100 percent retention of all students at UCLA.
APPLICATION DUE: 9 PM, SUNDAY, May 26th, 2013; Work Study Available!
INTERVIEWS WILL BE HELD: Week 9 of Spring Quarter
Questions/Concerns? If you have any questions or concerns regarding the application or position, please contact Caresse Vuong, VSU Retention Coordinator, at or (858) 356-7190 or Layhannara Tep, Project Director, at In addition feel free to contact anyone on staff – our cubicle is located in SAC 105D.
Note: Positions are for the 2013-2014 academic year. There will be mandatory project staff training over summer. Employment begins July 1st, 2012

APC Staff Nominations for 2013-2014 Year are OUT!

The Asian Pacific Coalition 2013-2014 academic school year nominations are out.

Here are the nominees!

Uyen Hoang
Jeffrey Kho

Assistant Director of Internal Affairs:
Jesse Cao
Mark Rayos

Assistant Director of External Affairs:
Jazz Kiang
Justin Nguyen
Jessica Thach

Administrative Coordinator:
Heidi Lung
Huiying Tsang
Olivia Tran
Becky Tsang
Alice Tran

Fiscal Coordinator:
Tony Tonnu
Justin Nguyen

Leadership Development Coordinator:
Jessica Thach
Jesse Cao
Daniel Nguyen

Academic Affairs Coordinator:
Daniel Nguyen
Justin Nguyen
Nicole Nga

Womyn’s Programmer:
Heidi Lung
Jenifer Logia
Linda Ton

LGBTQ Programmer:
Olivia Tran
Tony Tonnu
Ben Kim
Hao Chang

Alumni Relations Coordinator:
Linda Ton
Jazz Kiang
Jimmy Nguyen
Tiffany Hamamoto

Community Outreach Coordinator:
Jimmy Nguyen
Jenny Chhea

Publicity and Outreach Coordinator:
Tony Tonnu

Social and Cultural Affairs Programmer:
Tony Tonnu
Alice Tran
Anh Nguyen

APIG Programmer:
Becky Tsang
Nahri Lee

The nominees have two weeks to accept. Their applications will be due Sunday, June 2, 2013, in electronic copy to the current Director.

Elections will be held Tuesday, June 4, at 7pm, in Bunche 3156.

Member organizations must be present to vote.




The month of May was officially declared Asian Pacific American Heritage Month in 1978, after many historic Asian American events that occured in May, such as the first arrival of Japanese immigrants on May 7th 1843 as well as contribution of Chinese laborers building the transcontinental railroad on May 10th 1869.

To continue celebrating the history, diversity, and current achievements of the Asian American and Pacific Islanders today, Asian Pacific Coalition, Office of Residential Life, and On Campus Housing Council present to you six major events all happening during this month of May!


Dinner with 12 AAPI Strangers

The dinner is on May 1, from 6-8pm, in Covel Grand Horizon.

Celebrate the beginning of AAPIHM with a pan-Asian dinner, featuring food from Feast from Rieber! Our full list of guests:

Our full list of guests are:
– solo performer KRISTINA WONG, also our keynote
– East Area Director MIKE FONG
– community theater artist ALISON DE LA CRUZ
– community engagement coordinator LINDA LAM
– Masters candidate LAI WA WU
– postdoc cancer researcher GINA CHU
– Director of Field Education at CSU Dominguez Hills SUSAN NAKAOKA
– web design to UCLA Volunteer Center ALESHA UNPINGCO
– User Experience Designer EVA KANG
– Director of Queer Justice Fund ALICE Y. HOM
– CEO of the Japanese American Cultural and Community Center LESLIE ITO

On May 9, we’ll have a special conference panel: “Talk, Not Taboo: Opening conversations about Mental Health in the AAPI community“!

SWC Active Minds and the Asian Pacific Coalition come together to open dialogue about mental health issues in the Asian Pacific Islander community at UCLA. We are presenting a panel discussion with API students, Counseling and Psychological Services therapists, and director of At the Laundromat, Vanessa Yee.

“Talk, not Taboo” will be on May 9, from 5-7pm, in CAPS Large Conference Room!


The week of May 13 to May 17, we’ll be holding a special MEDIA WEEK, in celebration of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders representing themselves in the media!


On May 13, from 6-8pm, in Bradley International A/B, APC, ORL, and OCHC will be holding a special screening of White Frog (2012), directed by Quentin Lee.

The screening is free, and light refreshments will be served. 

RSVP preferred. RSVP here through ORL:

Summary from Wikipedia:

“Nick Young (Booboo Stewart) is a high school freshman struggling with Asperger’s Syndrome who idolizes his perfect older brother Chaz Young (Harry Shum Jr.). His brother dies when riding his bike on the highway, a group of guys were driving recklessly. Nick’s friends attend the funeral and help him get through his loss. Randy tells Nick how his brother spent, “his whole life trying to keep up this lie that you were a perfect family.” Chaz had a secret dream, he went to a “community center” and he wanted to be a dancer.”


On May 15, from 6-8pm, in De Neve Auditorium, we will be holding “Yellowface & YOMYOMF”!

David Henry Hwang and YOMYOMF (headed by Justin Lin) are coming to UCLA for a two hour panel and short screening of Yellowface, directed by Jeff Liu, an adaptation of David Henry Hwang’s play by the same name. Our other esteemed guests will be Chester See (Youtube), Lana McKissacK (Youtube), Phil Chung (Head of Development at YOMYOMF). Dom Magwili will be MCing this great event.

RSVP preferred. Here:


On May 17, from 6-8pm, in Rieber Fireside Lounge, we will be holding, “They said WHAT?! – a media consumer panel”!

Angryasianman (Phil Yu), DISGRASIAN (Jen Wang), Racebending (Marissa Lee), Professor L. S. Kim from UCSC, and UCLA’s very own Professor Tajima-Pena (Who Killed Vincent Chin? and professor of Ethnocommunications) will discuss cultural critique in a small, intimate panel. Come out and learn how to represent ourselves through blogging and documentary in this great panel line-up.

The event is FREE!

RSVP preferred! Please RSVP at .

On May 30, Asian Pacific Coalition, Office of Residential Life, and On Campus Housing Council will close out the night with TUESDAY NIGHT CAFE! in Sunset Village Plaza, from 6-8:30pm!

Tuesday Night Café, an Asian American/Pacific Islander performance arts group, comes to UCLA! TNC will bring and showcase the talents of local API artists ranging from spoken word to monologues. In addition to these performances, UCLA student artists will be invited to partake in a workshop to develop their own voices.

Our guests are:
– Singer Connie Lim
– DJ Skim
– Erin O’Brien
– stand up comedian Kyle Mizono
– spoken word artists Audrey Ko and Traci

Come out and celebrate Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month with us!

Our full list of events, including our member orgs’ events, can be seen in the following postcard!