Asian Pacific Coalition Elections [Officers for 2012-2013]

Candidates are elected by a simple majority of the votes. Simple majority = 50% + 1

Results are as follows:

Candidate: Kassy Saeppunh
Results: Elected

Assistant Director of External Affairs
Candidate: Vincent Chou
Results: Elected

Leadership Development Coordinator
Candidate: Ashley Truong
Results: Elected

Fiscal Coordinator
Candidate: Robin Chang
Results: Elected

Academic Affairs Coordinator
Candidate: Linda Ton
Results: Elected

Administrative Coordinator
Candidate: Nicky Yang
Results: Not Elected

Community Relations Coordinator
Candidate: Antonette Sadile
Results: Elected

LGBT Programmer
Candidate: Kevin Chang
Results: Elected

Publicity/Outreach Coordinator
Candidate: Tony Le
Results: Elected

APAHM Coordinator
Candidate: Cathy He
Results: Elected

Congratulations to those elected!

-APC 11-12 Staff