CALL FOR NOMINATIONS: Hoshide Teaching Prize for 2011-12: Due May 4, Friday

Through the generosity of UCLA alumna, the late Chiyoko Doris Hoshide, Class of 1934, of Rockville, MD,
an endowment has been established to annually recognize a UCLA professor for outstanding teaching in Asian American Studies:
The Chiyoko Doris and Toshio Hoshide Distinguished Teaching Prize in Asian American Studies.
A monetary award of $1000 will accompany the prize.

UCLA students and faculty may nominate eligible faculty from the Center’s Faculty Advisory Committee and
the Asian American Studies Department. For a listing of the eligible faculty (emeritus professors not eligible):

The student or faculty member must submit the attached nomination form and other materials to: Ann Chau,
Deadline: Friday, May 4, 2012

Previous Winners:
2005-06: Professor Valerie Matsumoto
2006-07: Professor Min Zhou
2007-08: Professor Thu-Huong Nguyen-Vo

2008-09: Professor Keith Camacho
Professor Lois Takahashi
2009-10: Professor Victor Bascara
2010-11: Professor C. Cindy Fan