CAUSE Internship: final call for applications on APRIL 27th

The Center for Asian Americans United for Self Empowerment (CAUSE) Leadership Academy, an eight-week intensive paid summer internship that prepares students for careers in the fields of public office, public service and/or community advocacy. The program takes place June 15 to August 10, 2012.

Application Deadlines:
Final call for all applications on APRIL 27th.

Download at CauseUSA.Org

To be considered for this internship, candidates should be graduating high school seniors or undergraduate college students in good academic standing, with a minimum GPA of 3.2. CAUSE interns will be placed in full-time positions in the Southern California area, so they should be prepared to live within the vicinity of their placement and/or the CAUSE office, where the weekly issues forum takes place, or be willing to commute independently.

The program consists of four components:

Internship Experience – CAUSE Leadership Academy Interns will have the opportunity to work for a legislator, public agency or city government. Through the internship, students will gain a unique knowledge and perspective of government and public service. Students will interact closely with staff as they represent the legislator at public events, conduct policy research and write policy briefings. The internship experience develops a stronger understanding of how government operates by experiencing it from an insider’s point of view.

2012 Annual Legislative Leadership Conference – The Annual Legislative Leadership Conference is held at the state capitol in Sacramento. In its 21st year, CAUSE holds close relationships with legislators, staff members and lobbyists that provide the conference participants with lessons from their legislative experience.

Weekly Issues Forum – Once every week, the interns will gather to hear an invited guest speaker, develop leadership skills or learn about current policy issues. The speakers will consist of community leaders, elected officials, legislative staff, political consultants and others. CAUSE interns will discuss relevant topics with guests. Meetings will take place at the CAUSE office in Pasadena, CA.

Group Research Project – Leadership Academy interns collaborate on a comprehensive group project that will be presented to the CAUSE Board of Directors, community members, media and other distinguished guests. The project topic will be decided upon by the interns. The program coordinator and advisor will serve as guides to help the CAUSE interns in achieving the project. Presentations will occur at the CAUSE graduation ceremony at the conclusion of the program.

For more information about CAUSE’s Leadership Academy, please visit our website at

Commerating the 20th Anniversary of the L.A. Riots: Events

Confronting Sa-I-Gu: 20 Years after Koreatown Burned
WHEN: April 28, Saturday, 9:00 am to 5 pm
WHERE: Garden Suites Hotel, 681 South Western Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90005
Co-Sponsored by UCLA Asian American Studies Center, Loyola Marymount University APA Studies Program, Association for Asian American Studies, Overseas Korean Foundation, Young Oak Kim Center for Korean American Studies, UC Riverside.
For more info contact

The UCLA Ethnic Studies Research Centers and the Academic Advancement Program will be putting together a film and panel discussion.
WHEN: Thursday, April 26, 6 pm
WHERE: Campbell Hall 1101.
A flyer with more details will be sent out the first week of Spring Quarter.

From the Ashes: The 1992 Civil Unrest and the Rise of Social Movement Organizing
WHEN: April 26, Thursday, 9:00 am to 5 pm
WHERE: USC Davidson Conference Center, Los Angeles
For more information visit: