West Coast API Student Coalition Town Hall [TOMORROW, 7-9 PM]

Hello Community!

The Students of Color Conference was this past weekend and a lot of us were able to meet up with other campuses with amazing API organizers who are doing a lot of great work in the community.

The highlight of this was an open caucus for the WEST COAST API STUDENT COALITION.

This coalition is meant to be a space where campuses all over the West Coast can share what kind of Asian Pacific Islander organizing work they are doing, how we can support each other, etc. A similar coalition was formed back several decades ago and was attempted to be revived in ’07 (Asian Pacific Student Union).

While we’d like to see this coalition up and running as soon as possible, it’s not going to happen without you! All campuses are starting from scratch in terms of approaching the coalition so we’ll need your help to get a diverse number of opinions from UCLA APIA people and leaders.

Here are some of the questions that we will be bringing up (and of course, we will be debriefing you all about the discussions that took place at SOCC as well as the open caucus regarding the coalition):

Vision Statement
–What do you want this coalition for? Where do you want it to go? How do you want to word this coalition’s vision?

Who to Engage in Coalition
–What does “West Coast” mean? What communities are absent from this space? How do we outreach to them?

–How do you want this space to be organized? What does leadership look like? How will these coalition be institutionalized in our organizations?

Potentiality of API Conference
–What would you want from this conference? How will this conference benefit our campus and organization? What things should be addressed? Where would be the best place to hold this conference?

Come kick it with us at the town hall NEXT MONDAY, November 21, at 7PM at Campbell 3221.

This will be a time to input your ideas for what the coalition would look like, share concerns you have, ask questions, etc. This coalition will not be possible without your help so…

EVERYONE is welcome!