Pilipino American History Month

Pilipino American History Month is coming up, and to celebrate it, here are a couple of events that you can (and should) go out to. All events are free!

Halu-Halong Karanasan (Mixed Experiences):  A Pilipino Film Festival
  • When: Oct 13 (7-10pm) and Oct 14 (7-9pm)
  • Where: Lenart Auditorium, Fowler Museum
  • What:  The first ever Pilipino Film Festival held on campus feature student films, Community PSA’s, documentaries, and feature films including critically acclaimed, The Debut, wherein UCLA alumni and faculty are a part of.  (Student Films relating to the Pilipino Culture are currently being accepted!)
Empowerment: An Exhibition of Pilipino American Strength
  • When: Oct 20 (6-9pm)
  • Where: Kerckhoff Art Gallery
  • What:  A 2-week art gallery showcasing the strengths of the Pilipin@/Pilipin@ American community
PAHM on the Hill: Living Museum
  • When: Either Oct 26 or Oct 27, (6-8pm)
  • Where: One of the De Neve rooms
  • What:  Prominent historical Pilipin@/Pilipin@ American figures coming to life on the Hill!  A night with the different Pilipino organizations on campus offering historical and cultural education.
Samahang Modern Performance
  • When: Oct 15, after 7pm
  • Where: Search to Involve Pilipino Americans (P-town)
  • What:  Samahang Modern will have a performance at P-town’s PAHM event.